Travels with Willie
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From board rooms to classrooms to lecture halls, Willie Weir entertains, motivates, and inspires.

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"Reading Willie Weir is like bouncing along on the back of his bike, hanging tight to this poet/guide who knows just which potholes offer the most travel thrills and hits them expertly." 
                       — Rick Steves, author of Europe Through the Back Door

Bicycles are the real world's equivalent of magic carpets! In Spokesongs, Willie Weir uses his to capture moments of sublime grace along the thinnest lines on the map, and in doing so redefines adventure. Whether pedaling the war-torn Balkans, where he's greeted with extraordinary kindness by Serb and Croat alike, dancing in a festival atop the mountains of India, or using his skills as a juggler to get out of a dangerous spot in tribal South Africa, he is a gentle ambassador of travel.

But he is an ambassador on a budget—able to magically turn a couple of scones into a three course meal and known to disrobe in exchange for discounted camping fees.

Spokesongs is an inviting world frequented by deeply felt humor and unabashed gestures of hope. Willie Weir, who figuratively—and at times literally—sings the glories of the bicycling life, has gathered his favorite verbal songs of the road from three epic journeys.

A truly delightful collection, Spokesongs is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the world. By the time you've turned the last page you may find yourself dreaming about giving notice, packing up and pedaling off into your own adventure. The author can't think of a higher compliment.